Honor of enterprise legal person

Personal honor of enterprise legal person in Song Xin Province

Outstanding entrepreneurs in Shandong Province

Representatives of Jining Municipal People's Congress

Outstanding young entrepreneurs in Jining

◆ Jining labor model

Ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Jining

Vice president of Jiaxiang Charity Association

President of Jiaxiang Young Entrepreneur Club

◆ Shandong Province textile industry safety production advanced individual honorary title

The first top 100 young entrepreneurs in Jining

◆ Shandong enterprise technology innovation leader award

Three dimensional construction of teaching platform of "fabric histology" (Teaching Achievement Award of China Textile Industry Association)

Shandong textile entrepreneur entrepreneurship Award

◆ Jining advanced personal title of work safety

Young and middle-aged professionals with outstanding contributions in Jiaxiang County

◆ research on Key Technologies of high count compact spinning yarn (outstanding achievements of technological innovation in Shandong Province)

2011 China Textile academic leader honorary title

◆ intelligent fiber yarn technology transformation project (outstanding achievements of the 4th Jining activity of "pay attention to work, love post, and develop enterprise by comparing science and technology")

◆ key technology application and industrialization of computerized embroidery (Science and technology award of China Textile Industry Association)

◆ top 10 patent inventors of Jining in 2012

◆ honorary title of talent in Xiangcheng, Jiaxiang County

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